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An agency built from the ground up to deliver results.

It’s hard to find the right digital marketing agency for your business. We know. That’s how Cubic came about.

After a hugely frustrating time finding a team that was able to help our business grow the way we needed to, we decided that we should start onboarding the people we needed to succeed ourselves. And so, Cubic was born.

We set out to create a business that looked at technology as a solution to numerous business challenges, and not just a way to make sales and to be all the things we felt other agencies were not.

Fast-forward some years and Cubic still have the same purpose, a bigger team, a lot more experience and many happy clients.

So if you think we could be a good fit for your business, or you’d like to hear a little more about us. Please reach out and ask us some questions. We’d love to help your business achieve great results through powerful, thoughtful digital solutions.

— Matt WatsonFounder



We offer many services, but we like to talk about solutions. We aim to catalyse a change in how you do digital marketing to drive real-world results.

One of the best aspects of Digital marketing is that most things are measurable. That allows us to measure how successful we are are generating the result you need. 




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